Staging of CML

Staging of CML patients is carried out according to their:

  • Current phase
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Blood and bone marrow tests results

Putting CML into stages helps to determine the best treatments for the patients and predict their prognosis.

The stages are similar to patientsā€™ phase and defined as:

Chronic phase:

  • Leukaemia cells in patientsā€™ bone marrow are greater than 5% of white blood cells.
  • In a normal bone marrow, only up to 5% of the cells are immature cells.

Accelerated phase:

  • The increased numbers of leukaemia cells in the blood and bone marrow account for 10-30% of white blood cells.
  • Blast phase:
  • Leukaemia blast cells make up more than 30% of bone marrow and blood cells.
  • The disease is similar to AML during this stage. Unless it is treated, death will generally occur.