Clinical Trials

CLL treatment has greatly improved due to clinical trials comparing standard treatment with potentially better new treatments.

A Phase 3 trial is currently comparing ibrutinib+obinutuzumab+venetoclax with ibrutinib+obinutuzumab for the treatment of patients with CLL. Clinical trial details are available at, trial reference: NCT03701282). The study is anticipated to be completed in May 2028.

Tisagenlecleucel (KymriahÒ, Novartis Europharm Limited) is the first CAR T‑cell therapy developed to identify leukaemia cells with the CD19 protein. The leukaemia cells once located are then eliminated by the T-cells. Tisagenlecleucel is currently approved in Europe for the treatment of refractory ALL.

The combination of CAR T cells with ibrutinib is currently being investigated for the treatment of CLL. Initial results appears to be promising but further clinical trials are needed.