In Europe, staging of the spread of the CLL is performed using the Binet staging system. In the United States, the Rai staging system is used for staging CLL. More information about this system can be found by searching ‘Rai staging’ at

Binet staging system
  • The Binet staging system divides CLL into three stages based on the results of patients’ blood tests and scans (Table 2).

Table 2          Binet staging system

Binet stage Stage definition
Stage A ·      Haemoglobin ≥100 g/L

·      Platelets ≥100×109/l

·      <three areas of swollen lymph nodes*

Stage B ·      Haemoglobin ≥100 g/L

·      Platelets ≥100×109/l

·      Three or more areas of swollen lymph nodes*

Stage C ·      Haemoglobin <100g/L** (anaemia) AND/OR

·      Low platelet count <100×109/L***

·      Any number of areas of swollen lymph nodes*

*         The areas where lymph nodes are seen are the neck, the armpits, the groin, the spleen and
the liver. The involvement of both groins or both armpits each count as one area.

**       Haemoglobin normal range: 13 to 16.5g/dL for men, 11 to 16g/dL for women.

***     Platelets normal range: 100 to 450×109/L.

  • As well as revealing the spread of the CLL, staging helps to plan the best treatment regimen for patients.