Step 2: Adding a Custom Field Source value

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Now that the basic personal information and contact information has been provided, the final two required minimum field areas that need to be completed are a Source (Custom Field) and Consent information.

The video below continues the steps involved in the creation of our example record and shows you how to add the Source (Custom Field) value to a record.


Adding the Source custom field value:

  • In the Custom fields sub-section, click on the Add button and the select Source from the category drop-down list
  • In the value field, select the appropriate source of how our first contact was made with the individual
  • Always add a date to represent the date of first contact/email/call etc, or the date a form was created
  • Add a comment to enter further information regarding the source
  • Click on Save when all fields have been completed

  • Add further custom fields if information is available, for example:
    • Support group
    • Blood cancer type
    • Interest with LC (used by Fundraising)

The Source custom field was the 5th of The 6 Cs.  The final step is to add Consent information…

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