Custom Fields (specifically including the Source field)

The Custom Fields section is an important, but often forgotten about sub-section and is the 5th of the 6 Cs.

Every record should have at least one item completed in this section – a value in the Source field.

If you are creating a record from new, this field must be added.

If you are visiting an existing record, you should check that a value in the source field is present and if not, you are asked to please add one in, even if you didn’t create the record!

The source field provides us with information about the very first contact we had with a constituent – whether it is as a runner for a big event like a marathon, a customer (eg Christmas cards or online sale), a patient at a support group, family member/carer, healthcare professional, a fundraiser, a random donor or someone that has stumbled across us via social media and completed a communication preferences (comms pref) or other form via our website.

This information is used for our stats to help us to build a picture of how we are drawing people to us, what is working well or what needs to be improved.

This information also helps other people viewing the record at a future point in time to understand more fully the relationship that we might have with the constituent and perhaps even the journey that it has taken over the years.

If you are adding a source to a record, select the appropriate ‘Value’ from the drop down menu. In the example shown above, the value selected was ‘Buddy System’. In all cases, add the date of first contact and add a very brief 2-3 word comment to explain more eg if it was a Support Group, name the support group in the comment line.

Note, it is only possible to add ONE source custom field to a record.

If you are adding a Source value to an existing record that currently does not have one, or if you access a record where the Source value is set as ‘Unknown’, look at the record to try to identify a relevant first source and date from within the actions, notes, codes or events information already on the record. Update the ‘Unknown’ value or add a relevant value if none already exists, together with a relevant date from that first contact and a comment to provide more information.

Where you are unable to find out what their relevant first source of contact with us was, change the ‘Unknown’ value to be what it would be if you were adding the record new today, including adding a relevant value, date and comment.

Further custom fields are also available to be added in addition to the Source field, and multiple of these can be included where known, for example:

  • Blood Cancer Type
  • FR – Interest with LC
  • FR – Event Type
  • Milestone
  • Support Group Member
  • … and more….

Complete as many additional fields as are relevant. If it is a patient, you may also know their blood cancer type so add it in here.

Later in this course we will watch a video explaining how to correctly add a custom field source value to a new record.

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