An Overview of the NXT Database – SUMMARY

We have seen an overview of each of the main areas on a database record in NXT, including the things to look out for and some extra tips.

We have looked at The 6 Cs – the six basic minimum fields and/or areas that are required and expected to be completed by all users on any new records that are created, and to be checked by all users and completed if missing on any existing records that a user accesses for whatever reason.

We have a collective responsibility to ensure that our data is as complete and accurate as possible.

Tip: arrange the sub-sections in your database view so that your 6 Cs areas are all at the top and you can move left to right down each row, completing and/or checking each of them before moving on to work in the rest of the record.

Further information and PDF downloads to help keep you right when working in database records are available from the Downloads section at the end of the course.

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