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Advanced level course: This is aimed at nurses working at CNS or aspiring to work at CNS level. 

The diagnosis of leukaemia can begin with a patient presenting with non-specific symptoms that are consequences of pancytopenia. However, many types of leukaemia show no obvious symptoms early in disease and may be diagnosed incidentally during a physical examination or as a result of a routine blood test. Suspicion of either ALL or AML constitutes a medical emergency: assessment and a management plan should be instituted promptly.

In general, the diagnostic work-up for leukaemia includes:

  • history and physical examination
  • blood tests
  • bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  • integrated review of flow cytometric, genetic and morphological results.

Information about this course

This course was commissioned by Leukaemia Care and was written by Karger publishing.

For each course, we have produced a workbook that you can download and keep. The pass mark for this course is 70%.

To help you complete your course, we have produced the course documents as a PDF which you can download and keep.

Completion of this course will take approximately 1 hour and the certificates provided can be used towards your revalidation.

For any queries about the content of this course, including references, please email communications@leukaemiacare.org.uk

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